• Volunteer Committee Members- There a number of committee's that are created each year to assist in making HMFC a success. The Board created the following committees for FY2018 goals:
    • Marketing Committee- Digital and marketing skills welcomed.
    • Fundraising Committee- A desire to assist HMFC in raising funds appreciated.
    • Human Resources Committee- Recruiting and recognition skills would be delightful.
    • Patient Education and Wellness Committee- Ideas for expanding services to prevent and manage common disease factors in Northwest Wyoming is treasured.

Volunteers are priceless to Heart Mountain Free Clinic.  There are many volunteer opportunities and we welcome your application to see where you best fit in our organization.  
There are numerous health care volunteer positions open.  We are looking for the following positions:
  • Volunteer WY Licensed Physicians- Medical skills and a desire to make a difference are required.
  • Volunteer WY Licensed Registered Nurses- Nursing skills and lots of compassion required.
  • Volunteer Office Staff- Tasks may include typing, faxing, mailing, and creating new patient charts.  Must care about the needs of our patients.
  • Volunteer Board of Director Members- The Board of Directors meets every other month and oversees the operation of Heart Mountain Free Clinic.  Caring about the mission of HMFC is required.