HMFC Programs

HMFC has a number of programs and services we offer to assist people living in poverty who have specific health issues or wellness challenges.  A brief description can be found below for each of our current programs we offer.  To learn more click on the program title or the box at the bottom.

Building a Brighter Future Today:

This is a grant funded program that provides a 16-week paid opportunity for people who are living in poverty. Participants in the class learn skills that may help them to get ahead in the middle class system.  It also gives them a chance to share ideas in the class and advocate within the community to increase opportunities in their lives.   


Diabetes Clinic:

People living with diabetes have a number of health risks as a result of their diagnosis- for example, eye, circulation and heart issues.  Medical clinics attempt to control their blood sugar/insulin levels to keep them healthy but the patient may or may not be able to afford to keep their eyes checked or know how to cook meals that are tasty and healthy for them.  The Diabetes Clinic addresses several topics that may help the patient maintain their health even with diabetes.


Physical Therapy Clinic:

HMFC has partnered with several local Physical therapy clinics in town to provide evaluations and some therapy.  Often times the PT evaluation reduces the need to have x-rays or seeing a specialist, resulting in lower costs for patients. 


Poverty Simulations:

People living in poverty are sometimes labeled as lazy because they are poor. The reality is the living wage (the amount needed to break even) in Park County for a family of 3 is $24.03 per hour.  The Poverty Simulation is a 4-hour hands-on experience that shows people what it is really like to live in poverty and the barriers they face.


Resource Champion Network:

People living in poverty often spend their entire day going from local resource to local resource to find the services they need.  The Resource Champion Network is a cloud based program that connects all the local resources.  If a client comes to a church or organization for assistance they (the church/organization) now has the power to connect with all the other local resources to help the client so the individual doesn’t physically have to go to each individual resource in town.


Respiratory Clinic:

Patients with chronic lung issues may be set up with our Respiratory Clinic.  A wide variety of breathing, lung, asthma issues are addressed by a doctor at this clinic. 


Stress Reduction Class:

This is a free 16-week drop-in class that provides stress reduction coping skills.  While the class was created for people who can’t afford local classes like yoga, meditation, rec center classes, the class is open to the community.