Diabetes Clinic

In August 2018 we will initiate our first diabetes group clinic.  Patients with diabetes will attend this clinic with their spouse/significant other not only to see a physician but also receive a foot exam, personalized exercise consult, and a mental health/stress/coping evaluation.  Participants and professionals will then share a meal while receiving nutritional informaiton from a Registered Dietician.   The diabetes clinic will be held quarterly with the same group of patients in order to develop a support group environment, where patients learn from and support each other in living with this complicated disease.   Subsequent clinics will offer education and services on other topics such as vision care, dental care, neuropathy, etc.   

In addition to the Diabetes Clinic, HMFC is screening, educating, and referring patients who are classified as pre-diabetes patients to Cody Regional Health (CRH).   CRH is offering a Centers for Disease Control (CDC) pre-diabetes class starting August 1, 2018.  The 26-week class is free for persons with pre-diabetes.  Studies show that people who complete this course can prevent developing diabetes or delay its onset by many years. 


If you would like more information about our Diabetes Clinic or the Pre-Diabetes class, please contact us: